drtri michael ross dc cscs fire fighter workout firefighter workout seattle fire department mike ross sports chiropractor west seattle olympic rehabilitation active release technique ironman triathlon multi-sport coaching manual therapy performance nutrition backstable seattle whole health and fitness california ave sw west seattle junction exercise rehabilitation "DrTri" is the culmination and combination of years of experience in Sports Chiropractic, Exercise Rehabilitation, Active Release Technique & Manual Therapy, as well as Multi-Sport Coaching. Not only does he continue to compete at the Ironman level, Dr. Ross treats patients, and a wide range of athletes, with all the tools in the toolbox. Each office visit or coaching session includes all aspects of care. With short-term active-based care your health and fitness goals are achieved and you learn how to maintain them. In addition, Dr. Ross utilizes his very successful experience as a full-time Seattle FireFighter to develop training programs and DVDs for potential candidates. When you choose "DrTri" you are choosing a complete program that will help you get injury free, stay healthy, and perform and feel better. A session with Dr. Ross (aka "DrTri") is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. They are 30, 60, or 90 minutes long depending on the content of the session needed or requested. A session includes Chiropractic, Active Release, Exercise Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Performance Nutrition, Coaching, and/or Training. By combining all of these aspect, the entire tool box is utilized to serve all the health and fitness needs of the patient/athlete/client.

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